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Property Management | Notice for Dragon Boat Festival Holiday 2018


NAME posco Master DATE18-06-13 11:07 VIEW5,122TIME COMMENT0


We'll have three days off for the holiday from June 16 to 18, 2018 according to the notice issued by General Office of the State Council and will get back to work on June 19 (Tuesday). To have a smooth holiday, please note the following matters:

1. Please lock doors and windows and keep your belongings safe before leaving the office.


2. The last person to leave should turn off all power supplies of electric appliances (i.e. computers, water dispensers, photocopiers, lamps, etc.).  

3. Electrical overloads are forbidden during overtime. You are also not allowed to add electric devices, randomly connect power sources without authorization.

4. The canteens should inspect the equipment before holiday and ask the person, the last one to leave, to turn off water valves and power supplies of electric appliances (i.e. computers, induction cooktops, rice-heating carts, etc.)  

5. Please register at Customer Service Department of Property Company in advance for handling bulk goods during the holiday.

6. Please send the information (name, tel., etc.) of overtime workers and emergency contacts, to us before 17:00 on June 14 (Thursday) 2018. (If there are no changes, we will refer to the prior registered emergency contact information.)

7. In case of emergencies (i.e. water leak, fire, etc.), we will contact your emergency person immediately, use spare key to enter the renting area for salvage.

Our staff will be on 24-hour duty during the holiday. Please call us if there is something urgent.

Our phone number is 13717908700.