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Charging Station

B3 A Tower
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Posco Center is located in the core area of Beijing's second CBD - Wangjing, thereby owning excellent location and convenient transportation. Posco Center actively responds to the call of the construction of national new energy vehicle promotion and charging facilities, cooperates with China Overseas New Energy and Power Development Co., Ltd. to construct new energy vehicle charging station in Posco Center, takes the lead to provide charge services to new energy vehicle users in Wangjing area, creates a user-centered "charge +" ecosystem, and actively promotes new energy vehicle and sharing green travel services. The station is equipped with 4 sets of 60kW dual-gun DC charging machine, 1 set of 21kW AC charging pile and1 set of 14kW dual-gun AC charging pile, which can provide 10 new energy vehicles with AC fast charging services at the same time, and can be compatible with Tesla and other international branded electric cars.

The building sets up 10 parking spaces of electric vehicle charging pile at the garage entrance on Basement 3, including 8 parking spaces for 60KW DC fast charge and each one for Tesla 21KW and 14KW slow charge.

Posco Center charging station looks forward to your visit!