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Overview 목록

Beijing POSCO Center was designed and constructed by POSCO, South Korea's Fortune 500 company. Located in Wangjing, the heart of Beijing, the center boasts ideal location for multi-national enterprises: it's only 12km away from the airport and close to both 798 Art District and Lido Trading Area. With an overall building area of over 160,000 m2, Beijing POSCO Center adopts green building materials and has achieved 3-Star Green Building Design Label. Beijing POSCO Center's leasing business is run by international property management team, providing world-class service and complete facilities for dining, culture & entertainment, relaxation and security. Beijing POSCO Center is the international office building with both architectural aesthetics and social functionality at its best.

Green energy conservation office BD 목록

  • Green Building Design Label Certification

    Beijing POSCO center adopts Green Building Label materials and technologies with Three-Star Green Building Design Certification, achieving energy efficiency, low carbon emission, and environment protection.

  • CO2 Automatic Regulation System & Automatic Temperature Regulating System

    Considering your health, the center adopts an automatic regulating system and temperature & humidity regulating system to maintain adequate oxygen content and the most suitable temperature and humidity; you can enjoy fresh air anytime and anywhere. 

Environment protecting office BD 목록

  • Solar Lighting System

    Facility outside of the building collects sunlight during the daytime, transmits light through optical cables and supplies natural light in office; thus, greatly saves energy consumption.

  • Ice Thermal Storage System

    Ice Thermal Storage System produces an ice pile during the night, when the electricity price is lower by 30%, then use the ice to run air conditioning during the day. As a result, energy is greatly saved, while the office provides optimal temperature even during the hottest summer.

  • Restroom energy-saving lighting control system

    The light in the restroom is opened only when the user is in use, thereby avoiding unnecessary waste of electricity, and realizing the concept of energy saving and environmental protection at present. 

State of the Art Technology 목록

  • Security Monitoring System

    The entire building is secured with 443 CCTV cameras, covering the main entrance and exit, multifunctional auditorium, conference center, internal electricity and computer room, roof entrance and exit, front room from Floor 4 underground to the over ground office building, etc.

  • Speed Gate

    The safety and security of your staff is far too precious to put a price on. The intelligent security system prohibits irrelevant personnel entering the building, providing a world class security system for your company and confidential information.

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition System

    Automated license plate recognition system identifies vehicles with cutting-edge image acquisition system, for the convenience of drivers entering and exiting.

  • VAV Air-Conditioning System

    Standard office floors use VAV and frequency converter, with one set for each floor and over 30 sets for the whole building. It can effectively adjust the air volume, ventilation and temperature, preventing cold air from entering in winter. Every window is equipped with specialized heat exchangers.