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POSCO owns Pohang & Kwangyang iron and steel mill which boasts the highest annual output in the world. With investments in factories in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Latin America and other regions, POSCO is actively promoting the establishment of a production system which produces 50 million tons of steel, worldwide. State-of-the-art production system, stable material supply and product sales network with broad coverage jointly contribute to POSCO's leading position in comprehensive global iron and steel enterprises. With the spirit of challenge, practicing power beyond limits to guide modernization and economic development in Korean industry, POSCO is involved in fields such as, iron & steel, E&C, IT, new energy and new materials. As a result, POSCO possesses more than 210 branch companies in nine regions. Currently, POSCO is actively developing a second core undertaking as a new green growth impetus based on the core strength accumulated over the past 40 years of iron & steel industry; it aspires to become a multi-industry and multi-field international enterprise, striding forward.

POSCO-China 목록

As the headquarters in full charge of POSCO China business in China, POSCO (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as POSCO-China) provides support related to the business operation in personnel, labor service, training, reformation, finance, law works, technical exchange, etc. POSCO-China sells iron and steel products to domestic and foreign markets and is responsible for the trade service of fuel, raw materials and equipment purchase required by the iron and steel industry through the sales network of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and cities nationwide. In addition, POSCO-China is in charge of boosting China's new industry development and has wide exchanges and cooperation with all iron and steel companies, governmental agencies and social organizations in China. Through technical cooperation and joint venture, with an active effect on the common development of China and South Korea Steel Industry, POSCO-China is practically performing the function of “Control Tower”.