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Information Of POSCO Center

Building Specs 목록

Gross Floor area 162,623.80㎡
Building Height A-tower 154.80m B-Tower 119.40m
Floors A-tower 37th Floor B-Tower 28th Floor
Underground Parking 700个
Security system Identification Card Access System
Lift Zone A-tower 15 B-Tower11

Floor plan 목록

The first floor
Central business center: In Tower A, with the Central Steel Tree symbolizing building's aesthetics and stability, resides a bank and coffee shop. Tower B has a beverage store, bank and other commercial facilities to fully service this social hub.
The second floor
Multipurpose service area: Area B is equipped with a multipurpose auditorium which can be used to hold various events including, seminars, speeches, conferences, and even weddings. Area A has a fitness center and a service center.
The third floor
Multifunctional Business center - Provides a variety of conference room: video conference room, large-sized meeting room and small-scale meeting room, and etc. This variety suits your diverse business needs and helps successful business.
The 5th~ The 37th floor (A Tower) The 5th~ The 28th(B Tower)
Smart office: At the center of each office, you can see the external environment through whole-glass wall in every perspective. Designed with sound-proof walls and optimum control systems, Beijing POSCO Center's smart office grants excellent working environment for every business.