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Amenities | On the Office Training in Fire Protection Month


NAME posco Master DATE18-05-31 15:52 VIEW4,815TIME COMMENT0


To facilitate safe office work and enhance firefighting awareness among tenants, POSCO will have activities in the Fire Protection Month of June. Fire protection instructors and service staff will be sent to the offices to analyze fire protection cases as well as to instruct staff in the fire protection facilities for some companies. Those companies may keep relevant records and prepare check-in as an internal training on fire protection for the inspection of the government. Any company who needs the training may make an appointment with our customer service department. After the appointment, we will confirm the specific training time. If you have any questions, please call Liu Yue of Block A at 15210466285; or Yu Jianwen of Block B at 13426412284.


Thank you for your understanding and support. Let’s make the building a harmonious place!