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Property Management | The 2018 a notice on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day


NAME posco Master DATE18-09-18 15:25 VIEW6,019TIME COMMENT0


According to the Holiday Notices on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day released by the General Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, there will be a 3-day holiday from Sept. 22nd, 2018 (Saturday) to Sept. 24th, 2018 (Monday), and work normally from Sept. 25th, 2018 (Tuesday).

In addition, another 7-day holiday will start from Oct. 1st, 2018 to Oct. 7th, 2018, and work normally from Sept. 29th, 2018 (Saturday) to Sept. 30th, 2018 (Sunday), as well as from Oct. 8th, 2018 (Monday). Please follow the instructions below seriously for a perfect Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day:

1. Lock doors and windows and keep valuables safe before leaving the company.


2. The last person leaving the company must cut off the power of appliances (such as computers, water dispensers, copying machines, headlamps, etc.)


3. During overtime, behaviors like overload of electricity, adding electric equipment at will and unauthorized connection with other power are prohibited.


4.Catering organizations have to check the safety of equipment and facilities in advance, and ask the last person leaving to cut off water valves and electrical power supplies.


5.Please put on records at the customer service department of a property management company if you need to carry bulky items during the holiday.


6.We need your overtime personnel list, emergency contact list, their phone number and other information during the holiday before 17:00 pm on Sept. 28th, 2018 (Friday).

(If emergency contact information remains unchanged, we will take the previous recorded one as standard.)


7. If any emergency (like water leak, fire, etc.) occurs, we will inform emergency contacts immediately to salvage belongings in the leasing area by standby keys.


Property management companies will be on duty round the clock during the holiday.
If any emergency happens, you can get in touch with them at 13717908700.
Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, and safe travel.