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Amenities | Announcement about 119 firefighting day exercise


NAME posco Master DATE18-11-05 14:37 VIEW4,856TIME COMMENT0


Dear tenants of POSCO Center,

Good day!


The Posco Center has always been based on the concept of providing customers with safe and quality services. According to the Ministry of Public Security's No. 61 Order “Fire Safety Management Regulations for Organs, Organizations, Enterprises and Institutions” and the safety management requirements of the Posco Center, it is held on the 119 firefighting day. Fire drills to raise awareness of fire protection among companies and employees in the building, familiarize owners and tenants with emergency evacuation procedures, better understand the building's fire prevention system and fire escape route, and improve self-rescue capabilities.



This fire drill is organized by the property company and the WANGJING East Fire Squadron of Chaoyang District of Beijing. The fire evacuation drill will be carried out in the office building area of POSCO Center. We expect your active participation, which can be recorded as a fire training of your company.



Drill time: Nov. 9th, 2018 (Friday, 10:30-11:30)

Participants: All tenants

Fire floor: 3rd floor, Block B

Evacuation assembly area: North square of Posco Center Building




1. The entrance and exit of the parking lot will be closed during 10:30-11:30 of November 9th, 2018. All cars are not allowed to enter and exit. Meanwhile, no cars are allowed to park on the north square.

Please make your travel arrangement in advance and we appreciate your understanding for the inconveniences.


2. Please inform the staff and visitors that the elevator is forced to descend during the fire drill. Do not use the elevator.


3. When the fire drill escapes, please take the fire exit. The passage is stairs. Please be careful and pay attention to safety. Do not fall and stamp down. Please inform the fire drill participants about the above.


For any questions and requirements, please contact the Service Department of the property company: Block A( Liu Yue 15210466285), Block B (Yu Jianwen 13426412284)