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Property Management | On the Holiday of Dragon Boat Festival of 2019


NAME posco Master DATE19-06-04 17:24 VIEW5,240TIME COMMENT0


According to the General Office of the State Council, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be from June 7, 2019 to June 9, 2019, a total of 3 days. Nomal work on Monday, June 10. To make sure all clients could have a good holiday, we sincerely suggest the followings:


1. Lock up the doors and windows before leaving the office area and keep personal valuables in safe places.

2. The person who is the last to leave the office area should turn off the power of all electrical equipment (such as the computer, water dispenser, photocopier, lighting, etc.).

3. It is not allowed to overload the electricity during overtime work, to use additional electrical equipment without permission, or to use the electricity improperly.

4. Food and beverage department should check the safety of all equipment and facilities in advance and require the person who is the last to leave to close the water supply valves and all electrical power (such as the computer, induction cooker, food heating device, etc).

5. If you need to handle large items during the holiday, please register in the Customer Service Department of the property company in advance.

6. Please send us your list of overtime personnel, contact people in case of emergency, phone numbers and other information for the holiday by 17: 00 of June 5 (Wednesday), 2019. (If there is no change regarding your companies’ emergency contact people, we will use the previous information on record.)

7. In case of emergency (such as flooding, fire and so on), we will contact your emergency contact people at once and use the spare key to enter the rental area for resolving the emergency.



During the holiday, the property company will have employees on duty of 24 hours. In case of emergency, please contact the property company in time at 137 1790 8700.