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Business Scope Of Property Management

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    • Interior And Remodeling
    • The Engineering Department provides the following services relating to second decoration: second decoration disclosure meeting, drawing review, decoration payment procedures, document review, safety disclosure meeting, finished product protection, concealed works acceptance, completion acceptance and refund procedures. 


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    • Maintenance Management
    • The responsibility range of the Order Maintenance Department includes: parking lot management, fire safety management, daily building security management, quick access door management, articles access safety management, shuttle bus operation management, customer area and public area security inspection, second decoration site safety management and platform access safety management.

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    • Fire Control And Safety Management
    • 1. The building possesses a total of 5 fire linkage hosts, respectively controlling positive pressure blower, smoke machine, fire pump, spray pump, atomizing pump, fire shutter, fire radio, elevator forced switch, sound and light alarm.

      2. The building has 432 surveillance cameras.

      3. The building implements 24 hours on duty. For emergency, please call the 24-hour check phone of the central control room: 010-64788986 or the phone of the general duty room: 137-1790-8700.

      4. P…

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    • Parking management
    • The parking lot of Posco Center includes one above the ground and each one located at Basement 2 to Basement 4, a total of 711 parking spaces, including 10 temporary parking spaces and 4 VIP waiting areas above the ground in the North Plaza, which can temporarily dock for 10 minutes; a total of 208 parking spaces on Basement 2, which is a fixed parking area; a total of 261 parking spaces on Basement 3, which is a temporary parking area; as well as a total of 228 parking spaces on Basement 4, …

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    • Landscape management
    • Posco Center provides customers with an elegant and comfortable environment, the property company effectively manages the green conservation in the zone and green plant placement in the building; and in order to ensure green service quality, Posco Center provides the office staffs with space to get close to the nature and for exchange and leisure, which is in line with the people-oriented and green building concept of Posco Center.

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    • Sanitation management
    • Posco Center provides daily cleaning services, visit cleaning services, high-level cleaning services, pest eradication services and stone conservation to public areas, to ensure environmental sanitation and maintenance.

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    • Public facilities management
    • Air conditioning, water supply and drainage, building automation, elevator, network communications, power supply, infrastructure and other integrated maintenance services.