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A Tower International Robot Olympiad Committee in China


Contact E-mail
irofira@126.com Inquiry
Phone number
010-8472-5717 / 156-5233-9926

International Robot Olympiad (International Robot Olympiad) referred to as IRO, was founded in 1998 and operated by our company International Olympic Committee (IROC) of the annual international competition robot. The first International Robot Olympiad was held in 1999, and now the nineteenth international competition is coming. IRO is the first international contest guided and supervised by UNESCO, it helps to cultivate the sense of scientific mission of students from primary school, middle school and high school, The robot contest provides students with a platform to exchange science and technology, and it stimulates students' scientific competitive consciousness. Moreover, children and teenagers can accept scientific education and achieve their dream of creating a robot through a series of activities held by IRO


This game can be comparable to the Mathematical Olympiad contest and Physics Olympiad. Children with scientific and technologic talent are found by competition , which can help stimulate their potential ability, develop their own ability to create and operate the robot