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Food court


Guide to Food Square


The Global Cuisine at Basement 1 of Posco Center is especially open to stationing corporate employees and relies on rechargeable cards, making it more hygienic and transparent.




NO Brand Main Menu Price Remark Photo
A 1 牛掰 Wooden bucket meal 18~25 Chinese-style meal
A 2 宜和居 Stir-fried noodles for breakfast 15~23 Chinese-style noodles
A 3 @小食堂 Chinese-style fast food 20~30 Chinese-style fast food
A 4 碗碗香 Spicy hot pot 18~25 Chinese style spicy noodles
A 5 山西刀削面 Sliced noodles 15~25 Chinese-style Sliced noodles
NO Brand Main Menu Price Remark Photo
A 6 韩寿源 Korean-style mixed rice/soup 20~35 Korean food
A 7 川湘小炒 Sichuan-flavored and Hu'nan-flavored dishes 18~25 Chinese style flavored dishes
A 8 维他民 Chinese style set meal 15~25 Chinese-style fast food
A 9 陕西小吃 Shaanxi snacks 15~25 Chinese food
A10 牛肉板面 Anhui snacks 18~30 Chinese-style noodles