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Biluofei Floral Wine Bar is located in basement of the budding CBD of Puxiang Center in Wangjing. The bar takes up 80㎡ with chic and simple design and surrounded by various flowers and dried flowers, conveying an amiable feeling to everyone walking into the bar. 

Biluofei specializes in flowers sales, layout of flowers in business areas and conference rooms, floriculture training, selling imported red wine, small-scale salon activity and business buffet reception.

Ms Liu, a famous floral master acquiring skills from Korean and French masters, is the founder of Biluofei. Three years of study contributes to her unique style embracing freshness, elegance and high fashion, which truly makes the essence stand out.

Biluofei has a high standard for choosing red wines. At least a half year’s screening is required and the selected wines are highly economical with high quality, which are mainly targeted at fashionable white-collar staff. All the red wines are imported with original packaging from France, Italy and Chile, featured with light to strong texture as well as high-fashion and chic packaging, which may well satisfy the needs for business banquet and home dinning.

Biluofei may also cater for birthday parties with less than 15 persons, business buffet reception and small-scale private board activity, with the type of coffee offered that can be compared to professional level.

Biluofei is awaiting you sincerely.