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IDC Service

Phone number
IDC is installed on the ground without concern of being flooded. It can adjust constant temperature and constant humidity to build fire-fighting facilities and avoid misoperation caused by environmental pollution.
IDC of Puding ICT is a safe operation data server running for 24h*365d.
Machine room grade
Geographical location 
Block A, Puding Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Power supply information 
Double-circuit 20A power supply of each cabinet
100KVA UPS system, full-load power supply time of battery: 60min. 
Air-cooling system
Underfloor air supply chilled water precision air conditioner, N+1 redundancy configuration Annual indoor temperature: 22°C; relative humidity 45%. Air conditioning units are in multiple-unit air delivery, return duct parallel layout which facilitates standby applications among units and cooling capacity regulation.    
Fire-fighting facilities
Fire alarm system adopts smoke detector and temperature sensing detector. Extremely early-stage smoke alarm system and gas fire-extinguishing system 
Monitoring system
CCTV system, access control system, environment and equipment centralized monitoring system 
Characteristic services
Data center is equipped with an advanced machine room environment control system which can uninterruptedly monitor the temperature, humidity, power supply, air conditioning, UPS and other equipment states, and can automatically notify the responsible person in case of any abnormal state. 
Professional O&M and technical personnel are available for 7*24 hours to handle with technical supports for customer equipment, circuit errors, receive customer visits, and assist users to complete equipment installation, network wiring laying, network monitoring etc.
Chinese: 138-1093-9492
Korean: 185-1475-5158